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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I wanted to be the cop, but Joschka Fischer beat me to it.

A side of Colin Powell I've never seen. Words fail me.

All right, you people know better than that. Words never fail me and haven't since I was a small child and had that notorius incident with the frozen flag pole. (Wait, that was Peter Billingsley's friend in A Christmas Story, which was directed by Bob Clark, who directed the insipid Porky's, which was not about Warner Brothers loveable stammering swine...anyway, back to Colin's freaky dance show.)

The most amazing thing about this is that he did it Jakarta, Indonesia, a place not exactly known for its warm receptiveness to tributes to gay, disco bands. I wonder if he was caned afterwards for it?

I did do a little research and discovered that there was a whole show, similarly themed, during the Asia Security meeting of 2004. Below is a program, obtained from the top secret vaults of the Sultan of Brunei's cigarsmith at great personal risk from second-hand smoke.

Juking in Jakarta - A Musical Revue

Act I

YMCAsia! A medely of hits! - with Colin Powell, Joschka Fischer, and Dominique de Villepin as the Village People

Act II

From Crooner to Catwoman - with Vladmir Putin as Eartha Kitt


Saturday Night Falafel - with the Saudi Royal Family as the Bee Gees (+764)

Act IV

Get Your Funky Groove Thing On - With Bill Clinton as George Clinton and Madeleine Albright as Bootsy Collins

Act V

Denpasar Rock City - with the Indonesian Cabinet as KISS and their groupies


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