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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Dude, where's my scarf!!!!

News came yesterday of the new Edun clothing line that Bono and his wife Ali Hewson will be foisting on the world in the “name of love” at $168 for a pair of jeans. Now, I am far from being the fashion diva of say a Tom Arnold; but $168 FOR A PAIR OF JEANS!?!?! Why, I can go to Sears and get 7 or 8 pairs for that price and still have enough left for an Orange Julius. For those of us that don’t travel in the rarified air of the jet set I have found an alternative to the pricey garb of Paul and his “Sweetest Thing”. Here is a little article I found in the Hoboken Register and Thrifty Nickel today.

Kid Rock to Create Fashion Line

“Yo, buy my stuff, or I might have to crack a few heads,” says young rocker Kid Rock with a wry smile on his face. Mr. Rock and fashion designer Rogaine are hitting the fickle fashion world today with a new line of modestly priced clothing. Coming right on the heels of the announcement yesterday of U2 front-man Bono’s new clothes line Rock stated, “Hey, if a middle-aged fogy like Bono can do it, why not me, and I ain’t gonna charge $100 for a pair of jeans.”

The new clothing line will consist of t-shirts, jeans, and an assortment of colorful bandanas. “Our line is also made of organic sh!*”, said Rock. “We are growing some real fine crops of hemp near our overseas facilities. And nobody better stick their nose where it don’t belong because that’s what it’s for, the clothes, nuthin’ else.” The clothing line will be called Knaks, which is skank spelled backwards. “We thought it should have a refined name, something that will endear women to it,” said Rogaine, who has been designing fashions for such celebrities as Courtney Love and Britney Spears for years.

When asked about the potential of sweatshops being used to make the clothing Rock was adamant that there was no cause for concern. “What’s wrong with sweat, I sweat on stage all the time. Listen, we pay these people good money and all the Chivas they can drink”. The line will have dirty limericks sewn into the pockets and will retail for $10 for a pair of jeans and $5 for the t-shirts. Many critics have cited that the clothes are shabby and can fall apart by coming loose at the seams. “Sure they come apart, that’s what clothes are like these days, kids like that kind of stuff.” In regard to the faint smell of diesel, Rock refused to continue the interview and said to contact his publicist. The clothes go on sale Monday at Fred Meyer and Dollar General stores throughout the country.


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