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Thursday, March 17, 2005

The mostest favorite receipe of JCV

Did you ever recently watch the television network called Food Network? It is where these people get up on the kitchen and making different kind of cuisine foods that you never heard of and didn't want to eat. Many times they do the Italian style foods like Piedino Cotto del Cavallo con la Salsa di Formaggio, which is a popular dish in the southern regions of some city or something from Italy, I don't know. Sometimes they also make the Japanese food on the show where the chefs are made from iron and most of the food have eyeballs and fish ovaries in them or clam brains in monkey sauce, so not very appetizing. While waiting for my court date over Danny Devito incident and swimming pool, I begin to formulate the idea for Jorge Carlito Viejo cooking show where I make the delicious fine cuisine style food from my beautiful homeland. I will call the show "Cooking of the Cuisine Style Foods with Carlito Viejo, Jorge." Here are some of the favorite dishes of my homeland that I will introduce:

Picos de Cuero con Brazo de Mono -- This is a favorite dish of the old uncle of Jorge Carlito. He will go out into the forest to get the fresh "carne de mono" with his hatchet and make the "picos" out of fresh "cuero" that he cured himself in the sun all weekend long. The childrens love to eat this dish with strawberry compote.

Galleta de Ensalada con Salsa Limpia -- This is a very good dish to eat between course for what they are calling the cleansing of palate. It is the so fresh bowl of Ensalada with a special solution sauce made from something we like to call Jabón del Plato which is a secret ingredient to make the tongue extra clean and fresh for the next plate of tasty style foods.

Habas Anaranjadas con Goma Húmeda del Codo -- qwdygeqrts This plate of food so good I just passed out and hit forehead on keyboard which is why random letter sequence appear before this sentence. It have a special style sauce that is thick with taste and sort of a brown and yellow color with piece of little meats in it floating around with some kind of odor like how you say cooked skin.

So these are some of the style of dish that I will make this show of mine. And I will wear a nice apron every day with a top hat and cigar in mouth. My catchphrase like the Emeril says "BAM" for no reason all the time, I will say "TOMA LOS CALCETINES!" everytime I throw salt in a pot of boiling water. People from miles around will love how I turn food into happiness and happiness into food, back and forth like.


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