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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Stew's Vacation

As Stew will be on vacation the next week or so, I will be working that much harder to entertain the few dozen of you whose social lives are so miserable that this blog is the sad and depressing high point of your day. (No names, of course)

In other words, I will harass Juan Carlos (the Music Man) Vega and Zimpter (I Love Hollywood, Even though I Live in Encino) Fiforg into posting more than once a week. This harassment begins now. (That was it, for those of you who missed it.)

During Stew's absence, I will also be frequently posting regarding he and his family's exploits at Disney World.

Yes, I will be making most of that up. He's out of pocket, so he can't edit anything out.

If you're in Orlando or Disney World during the next week or so, you might come across Stew. He will be the enormously tall gentleman wearing the giant sombrero and obsessively singing "It's a Small World" in Gaelic.


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