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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

How to solve the gas* crisis in Britain - Beany for MP!

Captain Beany is running for office in Britain once again.

We here at the DOUI try to avoid politics like the plague, primarily because it cuts down on the readership. However, given that our current UK readership is nearly naught (and most of those are people who stumble on to us via "Next Blog"). I'd like to go out on a limb and endorse Captain Beany for MP. I'm not the most regular baked beans eater (for which Mrs. Fando is eternally grateful) but I do like a snootful now and again, especially with my Bangers and Mash.

So, toot your horn Captain, loud and clear. Sound off for Britain and let them hear the majestic power of your beany greatness.

He may be a complete loony, but what a loony. It would be like putting Elvis in the White House in America...if he were still alive that is. (Loud coughing and sounds to indicate nothing suspicious is going on) Mr. Blair, be on your toes. Number 10 Downing may one day see truckloads of baked bean tins in its cupboards and silent but deadly fumes that don't emanate from the Thames.

Be sure to read the manifesto as well. "A bachelor flat for Prince William in Cardiff Castle so he can date Charlotte Church." "A new royal yacht so the Queen can get away from Camilla." The royals must be flocking to Cardiff so they can cast votes.

*And by "gas" I don't mean petrol.

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