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Monday, May 02, 2005

Yet another person gets the finger...

A North Carolina man is the latest person to find a body part in their food and this time, unfortunately, it wasn't a hoax. The man was enjoying a pint of frozen custard in a dessert shop when he bit into what he thought was a piece of candy. Instead, it was a part of an employee's finger recently lost in an accident with a food processing machine. Understandably, the man began screaming and sought legal counsel (in that order).

Now, the story is grotesque enough on its own, but raises a serious question in my mind. When the employee lost their finger in the accident that severed it, did they not bother to look for it? Blimey, at least throw out the contents of the food processor and count it a loss? What were they thinking, that it probably just flew out the window? Did they find someone else's finger and mistake it for that person's? Was the custard order really that urgent??? "Gee, I don't know Joe. I didn't see where it went. It'll turn up. Just put some Bactine on that and a Band-Aid and finish up with the custard before you pop off to the emergency room."

For all of you managers and employees working in restaurants, dessert shops, food processing plants, etc. I would like to politely demand that you follow the following health and hygeine rule:

When a body part gets cut off, EVERYTHING stops until you find it.

At this rate it's only a matter of time before something infinitely more personal turns up in, say, a pastry, and heaven help the poor customer who bites into that. That's one toad-in-the-hole that no one wants to see.


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