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Monday, October 31, 2005

Is it Ito or Alito...or Al Ito!!!

At first I had corrected Earl, who I thought had jumped the gun with the Judge Ito prediction. News reports were pouring in that the nominee was in fact Judge Samuel Alito. However, I did a little research on a hunch, digging through court filings, medical records, and lottery receipts and found out that Judge Alito was in fact Judge Al Ito. It seems that maligned jurist Lance Ito had decided after the OJ verdict to hide his identity. A series of cosmetic surgeries changed his facial structure and nationality (oddly enough) and he ended up as Al Ito which he combined in the late nineties to its current form: Alito. Here are the pictures that I am sending to the Weekly World News for publication tomorrow.

So Earl, you get at least half credit for your prediction. Let's just hope that the Senate Judiciary Committee doesn't see THIS guy anytime soon.


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