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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I promised more costumes

Here we go with a few of the costumes for adults. I could go on with these from now until Thanksgiving, but I'll only subject you to one more set. And away we go...

Kaiser "Ted" Von Dipschitz declares war on fashion.

The Victorian Q-tip

(singing) "If I only wasn't lame..."

Yo, I got ya Raggedy Andy right here!!!

Earl, if you ever see me do this. SHOOT ME!!!!!

I think there may be more material in the hat than the dress.

Mansquito! Mansquito!

Ah, the Skipper and his little buddy. Wait a minute!!

Ah, the Skipper and his little buddy!! MMMMM frothy buddy.

It's all cute until someone becomes a Level 3 sex offender.

Don't ask this guy to play the bagpipes, please.

"Alright, I'm looking for a Farticus, do we ha.. who wrote this!!!!"

Who ya gonna call? If you're smart, not this guy.

Have a Happy, and safe, Halloween.


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