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Friday, October 28, 2005

I didn't see that one coming...

A news article I saw today notes that apparently reclusive actor George Takei is coming out. I hadn't heard about his bout with agoraphobia but it is good to see that he is taking it on without fear. I haven't read all of the story yet, let's see... blah blah "helmsman steered the Starship Enterprise", hmmm now why would that be capitalized? Is the proper name of it "Starship Enterprise" or just "Enterprise"? I always thought that it was a starship that had the name "Enterprise" but according to the AP, who are never wrong by the way, it is "Starship Enterprise", hmmm who knew. Reading on... wow "three seasons and SIX movies", that's strange isn't it. It was on television for three short seasons but had a large enough following to generate six movies and at least as many spin-offs. Let's see if I can name all of the movies. There was the one with the bald chick where they find one of the Voyager probes that has come back to destroy humanity (if we'd only known!!!). Actually that movie, except for the bald chick and lousy uniforms, was a little too much like the one where they find the NOMAD probe and it almost cooks them for being imperfect. Anyway, then there was Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan where Kirk pays the price for helping a guy, never fails huh. All I remember about that one is the weird space slugs that that one guy and Chekov get in their ears and Kirk's cry of "Khhhhaaaannnnnn" inside the asteroid. Then there was number three where they search for Spock and find out that he's a kid again. Kind of weird but hey they had to get Nimoy back or you might as well have ended the movies right there. Four was all too forgettable with all of the modern day stuff, they must have done that on a shoestring budget. Five had Spock's brother who wanted to visit God or something like that, and six was the Klingon one where they end up saving the galaxy once more and saying goodbye forever. Phewww!!! That was tough, I almost forgot about the one with Spock's brother Sybong or whatever his name was. Well back to the article...has come out as a...

In the words of Emily Litella... Nevermind.


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