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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

In honor of Zimpter's first child!!!!!!

Yes it's true, our little Zimpter is now the father of a baby boy. I should let Earl break the news but I'm doing it because I just added a link in my last post to the Weekly World News. The WWN has been a source of much laughter for our little group in years past and I recommend that you go there occasionally to have a little chuckle. The reason it got me today is the picture of a Yeti driving a car in a supposed auto race as reported on by the crack staff at the WWN. Congratulations Zimpter and spouse (and the little nipper)!!!!!!!

Update: Now I've read the article accompanying the picture and have a little snippet that shows why I love the WWN so much.

Local resident and racing buff Mary Frances Huntington, 96, of nearby Amenia, N.Y., was stunned and amazed at the turn of events on a recent sunny spring day. "It was like nothing I've ever seen, and I've been watching these races since Joe Kennedy and his bootleggers used to stop by in the '20s!"

This is funny on so many levels. I love the way they make the lady 96 and a racing buff talking about Joe Kennedy and his bootleggers. Pure insanity!!!!!!!!


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