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Friday, December 16, 2005

Sirius &^%#*% radio!!!!!!!

Let it ring from the rooftops, Howard Stern is leaving public radio and heading into the ether that is satellite radio. One word quickly comes to mind, HALLELUJAH!!!!! (A heavenly choir bursts into shouts of joy, doves are released, old people smile at each other, and carne asada steak is handed out for free.) Back in the real world however, morons who shell out $13 bucks a month for radio will have the opportunity to have their eardrums split by the profane talk-show pornographer himself. Another phrase comes to mind - Who gives a %$#&?

When Earl, Carlos, and I set out to bring all twelve of you this wonderful comedy blog, we did it with the understanding that we would not resort to "blue" humor and now, Smurf's aside, we have done just that. Oh, we might pull out the occasional word or two that would burn grandmother's ears or we may write things that could be suggestive (see Earl's posts below) but the humor doesn't rely on anything risque or profane. Well bleep that! If that's what the proletariat wants then that is what they shall get. I don't give a flying bleep what the censors at Blogger may do to me I'm bleeping letting it rip. These bleeps at the Howard Stern show wouldn't know proper comedy if it bleeped their bleeping bleeps.

Now, I will have to let you know that I am in fact thinking and writing b-l-e-e-p at this point because this whole irreverant blogging thing is new to me. I mean I can turn a phrase or write a scathing satire of Tom Cruise with the best of them but stringing profanity together is not one of my strong suits, yet. However, I have been watching some old videotaped copies of the Def Comedy Jam so I should be up to bleeping snuff soon. We're not going to stop there, oh no sirree dee dee, why we'll probably have so many scantily dressed women roaming around it'll make the Victoria's Secret Fashion show look like The View. I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to bleeping take it anymore! Viva la Revolution!!!!!!!!! or Bleepa la Revolution!!!!!!!!

Update: Sorry, I just talked to Earl, we can't do any of that stuff. I tried.


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