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Sunday, February 19, 2006

The DOUI Live Oscar Blog Is Coming!

Why? Because the Oscars matter!

Well, actually we all know they're a heavily politicized, commericalized put-on by the American film industry. However, where else can so much of what is deservedly ridiculed about the film and entertainment industry come together so completely and inanely? So, we're going to be there, or here as it happens (at least I am), commenting on it as it happens. We want you to be there, I mean here, also.

March 5th is the big Oscars programme, starting at 8 p.m. ET which is when we'll officially start as well. Also, we may get an early run if Barbara Walters has one of her hilarious and morbidly fawning specials on prior to the show. From the dazzling banalities of the red carpet to the crap shoot that is the awards themselves, we'll have something to say about every bit of Hollywood's giant pat on the back to itself... and it generally will not be kind, because we know that's what you want!

So, join us for Oscar's big farce! See you online then!



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