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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Willie goes Brokeback on us. I am de-pressed.

Luke here folks,

I'm sorry for cuttin' in here folks but I thought I'd come down and use Stew's blog to post a sad event in my life. Apparently, one of my musical icons has shifted in the saddle... well I ain't gonna split hairs, he's done gone side-saddle on me. Willie Nelson has recorded a gay cowboy ballad and it pains me to bring you the news. I think it must have been all those years of dodgin' the IRS finally made him go completely over the edge. I hate to go into the seedy details of this fancy caterwallin' but I got a copy of the song. Appears it's just a remake of the old standard My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys but with a tilt that I don't take kindly to. Here are the lyrics and this old cowboys gonna shed a tear in his beer tonight, not that I'm light in the Tony Lama's if you get my meaning.

My Heroes Have Always Been Gay Cowboys
by Willie Nelson & Way***(Leave my name out of this. WJ)

I grew up dreaming of being a gay cowboy
And loving the gay cowboy ways.

Pursuing the life of my high-talkin’ heroes
I burned up my childhood days.
I learned all the rules of the modern day drag queen
Dontcha hold on to nothing too long.
Just take what you need from the laddies and leave them
With the words of a sad country song.

My heroes have always been cowboys
The gay ones it seems.
Sadly in search of and one hand in back of
Themselves and their hip hugger jeans.

Gay Cowboys are sissies, with their own brand of misery
From being alone too long.
To die from the cold in the arms of a rider most fair
Knowing well that your best days are gone
And picking up ranch hands instead of my pen
I let the words of my youth fade away
Old worn out saddles, and old worn out paddles
With no one, and no place to stay.



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