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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Slow weekend...

It's a slow weekend around here, but that's because we're so busy otherwise:

Stew has just arrived in Disney World. Even as I write this he's wrestling a giant rat with big buttons on his pants. Apparently the rat tried to hug his kids. Disney really ought to do better with their pest control. I also here there are giant chipmunks and wild dogs in the park, and some very annoying dwarven miners. (Update)...He's just IMed that security has arrived. They're taking Stew away right now. Oh dear.

Nuffy is probably off somewhere trying to find a new way to get "five times better." I tried the program years ago, but gave up when I saw chapter two: "Donate all your worldly possessions to L. Ron."

Jorge Carlito is still in hiding. We hope he'll come up when the heat's off. For obvious reasons we'll be editing some posts to help him in his bit to enter the Witness Protection Agency and avoid the dangerous miniature hit men Danny DeVito has sicced on him, or so he says.

Zimpter? Your guess is as good as mine. My bet is that he's sitting in an L.A. sushi bar chatting with Ringo Starr right now. I bet they're discussing why Paul McCartney won't return Zimpter's calls. ("You too?" said Ringo wisely.)

Anyway, I'm here. Hello? Anyone there? Hallloooooo?


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