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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Well hey we're movin' on up!!!!!!

Sorry for my absence but I have been staging a protest to show solidarity with my illegal immigrant brothers and sisters. OK, it wasn't that but I do hope they clear that mess up soon, it makes eating at Jack in the Box very troubling these days. Anyway, I'm back now and the first thing I'd like to do is show you my newest broken Spanish rendition of the National Anthem which I have... Hmm, seems Earl's already covered that one... pretty thoroughly in fact. Well, still I haven't told you about the new driver I was hitting the other day, I mean the ball was just sailing... oh, Earl covered that too. Well this is a quandary. Has anyone heard I'm getting a workable computer to hook up to the old World Wide Wide?

Yes, I am moving into the digital age at last, setting my sails and moving the great ship into the seas of information and connectivity. There are some problems I'm encountering with my foray into the world of computers, so you may have to suffer with me for a short time. The first problem is that my new IBM 386 is gasoline powered. Normally this wouldn't be such a problem but with gas prices where they are it can put a nick in the old bank account. That, and having to mix the 2 cycle oil at the right viscosity can be very difficult, but I'm getting the hang of it.

The gas problems aside I am pretty excited about this hoss of a machine. The salesman told me it is lined out with the latest goods like a 2400 bps modem, 60 MB hard drive, 16 MB ram, running UNIX. I'm pretty stoked. I'm getting this baby next week and as soon as I can run some wire and build the exhaust system it'll be up and running and you can count on two or three posts a day. Got to remember to update my carbon monoxide detector. Anyway, here's a picture of the new beauty.


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