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Saturday, June 10, 2006

A Now a Short Break from The World Cup...

...(sounds of birds tweeting in the background)

That's all. Thank you.

Too short a break? It's the World Cup people!! The WORLD Cup!!!! 2 billion people will tune in. That twice as many people as it takes to fill every sitting room in the People's Republic of China! That's almost 3 times as many people as it takes to crowd out every curry bar in India!!! That's almost half the people in the world who think that Tom Cruise is a raving lunatic!!! (Calyn, in Florida, that one was for you.)

World Cup fever now resumes. (WARNING - RESULTS BELOW) Please make sure your hands and feet are inside the stadium at all times. Please do not feed the Ronaldos. Please be aware that Wayne Rooney is not tame, no matter what his girlfriend says.

Or as Bruce Dickinson/Christopher Walken once said... "I've got a fever, and the only prescription is cowbell!" (Exchange "World Cup Football" for "cowbell.")

Oh, and England won today! Bloody brilliant!!! Becks strikes, with a little help from the Paraguayian captain, who is probably regreting saying earlier this week that England were perhaps only the 3rd best team in their group. You know, one moment you're gleefully denigrating the quality of your opponent's and the next the ball is grazing off your head and in to the back of your own net. Life's funny like that.

Congratulations to the Soca Warriors of Trinidad and Tobago as well, who managed a brave draw with Sweden, after being reduced to 10 men on what I thought was a questionable second yellow to A. John. (Sorry Freddie, but you and Henrik were class and flair for Sweden, as usual!) A shame about the Ivory Coast, but if your give Riquelme that kind of space he's going to burn you, even if he is almost as slow as me. Still, Cote d'Ivorie looks as though they will give everyone in that group absolute fits. Any other group and they'd be one of the favourites.


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