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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Zarqawi Dead, Dead, Dead

Yes, we don't ever want to revel and dance in glee at the demise of any human being. My dancing is purely sober and reflective in nature. That "Woo-hoo!" I let out was merely a symbolic gesture of contempt for the violence of our age.

If people must die in wars, then let it be murderous, car-bomb plotting, women and children massacring, torturing, death-fetishist, scum-sucking, I-can't-fire-my-own-rifle-so-I'll-cut-off-your-frickin-head, narcissistic, lousy, evil bastards like Zarqawi.

Some say that people shouldn't speak ill of the dead. I say "nuts" to that. Zarqawi was as vicious and brutal as they come. Hopefully, he's sharing a car boot-sized cave with Hitler right now. Perhaps, at this moment, they are locked in a violent embrace, Zarqawi trying to find a machete, and Hitler looking for his Lugar. Well, Zarqawi was supposed to get virgins, so I suppose that's a start.

Zarqawi's "associates" in Al-Queda say that this is a great day and that Zarqawi was "martyred" and that Al-Queda leaders desire such a fate.

Well lads, line up then. I'm sure the coalition and Iraqi military will be happy to assist you. Osama, care to stick your head out of your rat hole? Smile for the camera mounted on the smart bomb?


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