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Friday, June 30, 2006

World Cup Fever Resumes...

...as Argentina is playing Germnay as I write this. All right, it's the half, for those of you playing Mr. Spock at home.

Later, Italy will attempt to dive...erm, play their way past the surprising Ukrainians. Of course, how "surprising" can the Ukrainians be when they've got Andriy Shevchenko in the side? The lad is a spectacularly lethal striker.

Tomorrow, I will be go spare watching England play Portugal. Will Beckham score again? Will Rooney score at all? Will Lampard put a shot on goal? Will Theo Walcott be asked to fetch Sven Goran Eriksson biscuits and tea, since he hasn't been asked to do anything else? Maybe Sven is waiting for the latter stages of the tournament to bring him on like Pele in '58?

Also, Brasil and France play in what may be a classic. There'll be more flair on the pitch than at a Duran Duran concert.

I have the fever, and I love it!

I still intend to post on Stew's Frappucino addiction though. An intervention is long overdue.

Update: I'm battling a cold/possible sinus infection, so it will probably be later before I can truly lambast Stew... I mean help Stew free himself from his devastating caffiene and sugar addiction.

Yet Another Update: I'm watching the Italy versus Ukraine match on Yahoo!'s Match Tracker. Besides the usual creeping subconscious feeling that Yahoo wants me to enslave myself to their Machiavellian plans to conquer the Internet (which runs counter to DOUI's purely noble and altruistic campaign to conquer the Internet), I've noticed one other strange thing: Ukraine has seven blokes named "Andriy" on their team.

Somewhere in China, some gent named Wang is reading this and thinking to himself, "Weird."


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