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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I supposed that's an insult to my good name. Well, my name anyway.

I'd be insulted if I didn't have a second cousin with the name Excremando (Excremando Bando Fando Jr....don't ask about the "Jr." His father was smart enough to change his name. In case you're all wondering, we all called him "Poopy Jr." Except for his grandfather, who referred to him using a word that begins with "s" and ends with "head." I'm sorry you had to read that.)

Still, I shouldn't feel too bad, given that such abuse is coming from a person whose name rhymes with a dog food product. Ha!

I do plan to correspond with Mr. Thomson, if only to find the mysterious and falasqueist Mr. Northover and get Nuffy to post on something else for a change.

Update: Apparently there is some confusion over what Poopy's grandfather called him. He called him "snorklehead." I didn't mean to suggest otherwise. Still, I can't imagine what some of you people were thinking.


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