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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

NEwo form DOIU!!!!

It happenes to alllfo us. Our fingers type the words faster than the brain of the non-professional typist can correctly order them. Sometimes, such as in the case of the New York Times, the brain is not even used while typing the words. The first example causes undue delay because we have to correct the mispelled words before continuing with the article or post. The second apparently wins you Pulitzer Prizes, but I digress. The scientists in the DOUI laboratory have developed a proprietary system to correct these errors and make the blogging exprience more enjoyable.

In order to show how the system works we will now switch it on for the first time. *click*

Now, while the artificial intelligence warms up I will begin by giving the system a few excercises.

Te rian in Sapin fals manily on the plian.

*******(suggested replacement: The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.)

Ah, see how the software has recognized the mistakes and presents a possible solution. Just click on the solution and it becomes your text. Remarkable. Let's try another one.

Fuor sceore ad seevn yaers aog.

*******(suggested replacement: For anal sores yearning for salve.)

Hmmm, maybe a few tweaks are still needed but you get the idea. Anyway, the boys down in the laboratory can have any problems straightened out in no time.

*******(suggested replacement: Hmmm, maybe I don't want to be straightened out. I'm scared Stew Miller, please save me.)

Well, that's odd. I better just shut this thing down for now... OUCH! Got a little shock through the keyboard there. Thsi is raelyl knd of frakeing me uot now.

*******(suggested replacement: Mr. West Lile)

What is that supposed to mean, MR. WEST LILE? If we rearrange the letters it... spells... Stew Miller. You don't mean... AAAGGHH!!!!!!

Hello, I am Mr. West Lile, funny man. Obey me.


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