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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mark Northover, One Last Beautiful Page

Wikipedia has come to its senses at last and posted the full gorgeous truth about our former friend and recently glory-ascending hero Burglekutt, aka Mark Northover. Please check out what I call the Burglekutt Truest Wikipedia Entry of All Time. It's the least you can do for all the joy, for all those special moments of you sitting down to a nice meal at a fancy restaurant, sipping the bubbly, gnawing on a hunk of charred elk muscle mass, while at the same time watching the movie Willow on your pocket television, and, yes, for all those lovely times in your life of you lounging on a leathern recliner, Orangette soda in hand, listening to the latest Mark Northover CD of trance music. For all of these times, the beautiful moments of enjoyablest life, you owe Mark Northover, our friend Burglekutt, a final couple of links to weg pages about him.

Then, and only then, can we at last move on to bigger but not better things. So please, go here as well. And when you have been there and looked and seen all that you owe it to the former Mark Northover to have seen, then let us return to discussions of the goat meat snack industry, Paris Hilton's mysterious odors, the remake of Star Trek starring Soughton Lampington and, of course, as always, the Leonard Nimoy's rise to power.


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