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Friday, July 28, 2006

Scum Scum update

It has now been confirmed that Scum Scum the forgotten Teletubby is not any of the following people in disguise:

  • Henry Kissenger
  • Lance Bass (although Jerry Falwell has started calling him "Tinky Winky")
  • George Michael
  • Boy George
  • King George VI
  • Howard Dean
  • William Shatner
  • Carol Channing
  • Dick Cheney
  • Prince Harry
  • Alec Baldwin
  • Billy Baldwin
  • Scum Scum Baldwin (No relation at all)

In addition, it has been revealed that there were other Teletubbies tryouts who didn't even get as far as Scum Scum (mainly because they didn't know who to blackmail at the BBC). Their names are:

  • Up Chuck
  • Touch Touch
  • Loo
  • Scrotum
  • Snotty
  • Ta Ta (Suggested by the Littlest Fando, who didn't know what Ta Tas are)
  • Bones
  • Thrust Thrust
  • George Galloway
  • Picky Sticky
  • Tinkle Winkle (Suggested by Mrs. Fando)
  • Liberace
  • Wingo, the Magic Stallion
  • Floppy
  • King Dong
  • Poo


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