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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Not a Moment Too Soon

I'm back, and I can see that it's... well, I'm sure you read the title of this little opus already. Odes to a jar of mayonnaise? Peter Graves? It's like Rowan and Martin have taken over, disgusied as Bert Kwouk and the Ritz Brothers. I'm not sure what that means, but I think it might be quite profound.

Right, then...In any case, it's good to see two posts from Stew in a single day, and that Nuffy is still loonier than Orson Welles in a frozen foods commercial. (If you listen closely to the link, you can hear Orson pouring himself a drink. It must've been Gallo, and it must have been time. Hear Orson rhapsodize about peas and July here.)

Anyway, my holiday was interesting and not without incident, as I shall relate to you in another post, just to keep you in a state of suspense.

Finally, I must protest Stew's assertion that Peter Graves is living. I have it on good authority that Peter Graves has been a flesh-eating zombie since 1997. In fact, they could only film the Biography bits with him after that time by using a telephoto lens and discreetly chaining him to the plush armchair directly behind him. Even then they could only use the takes where he was coherent and not drooling.

The outtakes reel is pretty hilarious actually... except for that unfortunate bit where he broke loose from the chains and bit off the big toe of a sound engineer. That was awful, though I must admit you can hear the biting sounds and the engineer's cries of pain in extremely high fidelity. The bloke could work under pressure, that's for sure. Of course, now the poor bastard is a zombie too. He's still got the job, being talented and in the union, but it does make for a complex set, what with all the space and chains required.

Where was I? Ah, yes. I'm back. Someone please give Nuffy a strong sedative, and tell Stew not to get too close to Peter and his sound man unless he enjoys the idea of being served tartare'.


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