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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Pull the Other One

I'm not much of fan of celebrity tabloid journalism. However, even a jaded, cynical observer of the entertainment business like myself (all right, I was really thinking of Army Archerd, but cut me some slack) couldn't help but notice this article today in which Jennifer Aniston complains about the public interest in her life, calling it "ridiculous."

I guess it wasn't so ridiculous when it was fueling a $1,000,000 per episode stint on Friends.

Later in the article, Aniston talked about her holiday plans, saying, ""I have an annual tree-trimming party. But I usually rearrange the ornaments the next day...you tabloid jackals!!!"

All right, I added in the last bit. It would however make for a more consistent argument if celebrities who complained about media overkill would then refrain from talking about every little detail of their lives in the same interview. More and more, interviews are getting to be like this:

"I am sick and ******* tired of paparazzi chasing me around and people asking about my relationships. Get a life you parasites!"

"Strong stuff for sure ...and how do you plan to spend the weekend?"

"Oh, I'm spending the weekend in this lovely home on Martha's Vineyard. We'll get the dogs, Fluffy and Siddartha, out in the backyard and play frisbee in the cool December air, then head back in for some mojitos, and have some close, dear friends ... George, Julia, Sir Anthony, The Kennedys ...over to watch an advanced DVD of my latest film... (to passersby) in theatres Friday!"

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