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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Erin Go Bragh! In Person

The Fandos are going on holiday to Ireland.

Feel free to read that back a few times to let it settle in your head. I know I have.

I intend to post on the details soon but the most amazing part of the process is researching and booking the trip. The Internet listings and prices change positions faster than the Obama Administration, often as you're checking flights. The phone agents are polite but I got disconnected twice before even reaching them. It's that moment of anticipation followed by the disconnection sound on the cell phone that's so heartbreaking.

Nonetheless, it's done. We'll be staying right next to a Manor house (or castle, as some are wont to put it). There's an excellent golf course on the grounds. It's so excellent it's hosting the Irish Open this year (again) and is thus beyond the ole' budget, unless I resort to some midnight gonzo golf. Where did I put those night-vision goggles?

A castle, pubs, Guinness, an economy rental car, bangers, champ, colcannon, Irish bacon, a long transatlantic flight with a change-over at JFK, and a picaresque village next door. Perfect.

And of course, I intend to post from Eire. Maybe. If I get the chance. I'll give it a shot. Promise.

That St. Patrick's Day post is starting to feel quite real...

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