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Monday, May 25, 2009

Jorge's Cake Hole

I finally got around to viewing Nuffalupugus's latest video. (As co-editor of the site, I'm contractually obligated to... Stew is the other official co-editor, but apparently his contract has the word "edit" scratched out and the word "golf" penciled in. Strangely enough, there's also a "7" in the contract that has a line drawn through it to make it look like a "4".)

Anyway, I had no idea Jorge and Cakey were so obsessed with this Excitimando fellow. I always thought their pasttimes were a) Danny DeVito, b) The late, great Mark Northover, and c) poop (Cakey only). I'm not sure why they're so threatened by the bloke. Other than the fact that he's having my vacation before me (must remember to try the shamrock soup in Limerick) he sounds like a terribly decent and charming chap.

Nonetheless, this obsession has clearly gone too far, as demonstrated by the BBC World News report below. I suppose Nuffy will have to bail out Jorge. However, Cakey will have chewed through the bars by now.

Update: BTW, I don't know about this Excelsimando fellow, but I'll be sipping stouts, not ales. I'm also still trying to figure out what Jorge was saying at the end of the previous video. It was either, "Happiness!" or "Hi, [technical term for portion of male anatomy]."

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