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Friday, May 29, 2009

The Next Big Trending Twitter Topic

Those of you who tweet are probably aware of the Trending Topics section of Twitter, where the latest popular or timely topics are catalouged for easy access. One phenomenon of this section is the occasional appearance of some topic designed to allow twits (or tweeters, if you must) to dash off jokes. (The RiffTrax lads and Lileks are especially fond of this, and quite good at it.)

Every once in awhile you'll get a really clever subject to riff on. However, more commonly the subjects are lowest common denominator, populist stuff like #3wordsaftersex or #liesgirlstell.* Consequently, the quality of the responses is... let's say "mixed." One topic, "#3breakupwords, " elicited the following response from one twit: &@$% you &%@&#! (Count the letters and use your imagination. It won't take long to figure out.) The bulk of responses are mildly wittier.

So, for the benefit of the more erudite, not to mention civil twits out there, I plan to push the some trending topics of my own over the next few days. After all, I have upwards of thirty followers now, not all of them automated. I should be able to get some momentum, right? Join in and ride the feel-good wave of the following topics.

The Next Big Trending Topics:

  • #sasquatchpickuplines
  • #thingsifoundinmytoes
  • #3rhymingwords
  • #crapdognames (and not "#dogcrapnames")
  • #crappoliticalslogans
  • #5lastwords
  • #crapiambicpentameter
  • #tarzanpickuplines
  • #crapmenuitems
  • #sqirrelsihaveknown
  • #unlikelynessiehidingplaces
  • #crapsandwichcombos
  • #crapfootballnicknames
  • #wherearemysocks
  • #craporchestranames
  • #worstpickledfood
  • #terminatorpickuplines

*The pound/hash sign has some Twitter significance, though I have no idea what it could mean. I've considered posting a tweet that reads "##" but have refrained for fear of bringing down the whole system.

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