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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Record Setting Record Spinner Record Something

A college DJ in Florida is attempting to set the record for the longest continuous broadcast ever by a single DJ.

My secret contacts in the radio world have provided me with the latest transcript from this amazing broadcasting feat:

"...So come on down to Winter Park Ford!" [bumper music]
[loud snoring] [sounds of poking in the ribs, large quantities of caffeinated drinks spilled on electronic equipment]
DJ: "Hmmm, whazzzit...am I late for class?"
Background voice: "The guy from Guiness is watching...come on dude!"
DJ: "SSSS...whaaa? Mom? Is that you? Why are all these circus clowns in here?"
[sounds of smelling salts being applied to someone's nose]
DJ: "[undechiperable] Who painted the walls with Pepto-Bismol?"
[sounds of smelling salts being stuffed up someone's nose]
DJ: "That was a really great sooonnnggg....bats, bats everywhere!"
[sound of someone's noggin hitting a hard composite desk]
[sounds of someone slapping someone across the face]
[sounds of a large bucket of water being thrown on someone's head]
[sounds of fire hoses]
DJ: "Now...ferrrr...somethinnn...Smashmouth...song...Morissette...thingy"
[music accompanied by various sounds of paramedics restarting someone's heart...think Emergency and Randolph Mantooth]


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