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Monday, April 11, 2005

More Super Villians You Never Knew...

Back by popular demand... oh, who am I kidding? By now everyone who read the previous post realises that it was just an excuse to throw out some goofy super villian names (my favorite was "Captain Flatulence" and his sidekick "Tootie"). Why stop now when the mood is strong? Here are a few more super villian names that I think are long overdue. Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, shoot us an e-mail and let's talk business, residuals, etc...

The Dark Petunia
Zingo the Human Cabbage
Freud's Mother
The Trampoline Who Went Bad
The Anti-Regis
Sheera, Queen of the Strip Mall
Mr. Mosquito
Major Halitosis
Senator Skidmarks (A note to the U.S. Senate: This is a fictional character...really)
The Blinkered, Toadying, Philistine of Kensington
Ms. Hairy Pits
The Human Sphincter
The Fructose of Death
Rex, Hound of Slobber
Mr. Tarantula Pants


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