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Friday, May 06, 2005

Streak broken

My apologies as I've been under the weather the last 24 hours and for the first time since this blog began I missed a day. It's Saturday the 7th now but I've changed the date of the post to the 6th to create the illusion in my fevered mind (101.2) that all is well in the world.

It would be nice if some of our other participants would pick up the slack...

So, I'm sick, tired, and bitter. Wonderful.


Update - What follows is what a Friday post would have looked like, had I posted in the condition I was in:

Some link to Yahoo! or Fox News or summat...

Scoob! Scoob! are the keys in teh Mystery Machine? Patty likes to rock and roll...

Pretty lights on the screen...what are all these letters for by my hands? fjefuqupd;slierhj ;eklidhf;;q;c;;'eirha;

etc, etc, etc and then the big dance with Deborah Kerr and I wake up drenched in sweat.

The waking up drenched in sweat part was actually Saturday night.

Aren't you glad I broke the streak and spared you all that?


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