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Sunday, June 05, 2005

MTV Movie Awards - Je Suis Revolutionaire!

According to Yahoo! Entertainment (also known as Hollywood's Prison Girlfriend), The MTV Movie Awards were full of "lighthearted" jabs at award show conventions. Such a revolutionary idea! In 1937, perhaps.

These clever pokes included Ben Stiller holding up an egg while recieving an award (it was not PETA related, by the way), Lindsey Lohan staggering down an aisle with her award as though she'd just hopped out of the Mystery Machine after an all-night doobie session with Shaggy (didn't you ever wonder why he was always so hungry?), Dustin Hoffman repeatedly grabbing his crotch whilst accepting an award in front of the youthful audience (good news, he was able to find it!), and a comedy bit by Eminem...yes, I said a comedy bit by Eminem (make your own crotch grabbing, expletive-laden, lame joke here.)

There was also a tearful reunion of the original cast of The Breakfast Club, for which I was able to locate a picture.

Message to MTV: More writers awards, and more writers, period. Good writers (e-mail us - we'll write in a real reason for Dustin Hoffman to grab his crotch.)

Still, MTV do occasionally employ people of talent...no names, of course but suffice to say we know of one.


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