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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Say it ain't so Crazy Frog!

Remember Crazy Frog, the super-popular ringtone star? Now Britain has launched an investigation into allegations that the ribbiting ringtone is used to lure children into buying an expensive subscription service.

Crazy Frog says he has nothing to do with the business end of things.

"One day I'm sittin' on the lilypad, sipping a mint julep, when all of a sudden 2 guys from Interpol wade over and start asking if I have any associations with racketeers or international subscription thugs. 'I got no idea what you guys are talkin' about,' I said. I'm just the talent."

CF contends that he is as innocent as a tadpole.

"The guys at Jamster and VeriSign handle all the finances and contracts. Sure I was surprised at the jump in residuals, but I'm not paid to ask questions. I'm paid to croak like a lunatic."

Jamster had no comments other than to say through a spokesperson that they'd be happy to send some quotes as part of a club package deal that may or may not be a subscription.


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