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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

"I canna' get the power!!!"

James "Scotty" Doohan has passed on. It's sad to see the old Canadian, faux-Scot go. It's like hearing that another of the Beatles has died (in this case, Ringo), and let's face it, the cast of Star Trek, the Original Series, are the Beatles of SciFi.

However, I also can't help but think that all over the world right now millions of people are reading the news and thinking to themselves, "He's dead, Jim."

In tribute to J. D. (James Doohan, not one of Scotty's favorite drinks) , I have composed this little ditty. Let us not speak ill of the dead, but instead remember that, while alive, James had plenty to say about things himself!

(Sung to Born Free)

Scot-ty, you've beamed up finally
The transporter's lonely
Scot-ty's gone into the stars

Scot-ty, though Shatner confounded you
Uhura astounded you
Each time you looked at her parts

Scot-ty, no Jeffries tube holds you
No captain can scold you
While the scotch is inside!

Scot-ty, so Bill's a disaster
but you are his master
Those Alltel ads top Priceline's

Scot-ty, your phaser was glowing
Your belly was growing
But you took it all just fine.

Scot-ty, the engines are shut down
The shuttlecraft's touched down
'cause you're history!


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