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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Cuidado! Jellyfish!!

According to Yahoo!, jellyfish are invading the world.

Steven Speilberg, you need to go back right now and remake War of the Worlds to reflect that man's most primal fear is not being disintegrated by martians, but being maimed by rogue jellyfish from another world. If, that is, you can stop laughing (and have time between all those trips to the bank.)

It's a little bit difficult to get too worked up over a fish named after the weaker partner ina PB&J sandwich. Let's face it, jellyfish do have stingers and venom. They are creepy and alien looking, with numerous tentacles. They also woudl explode into pulp in the path of a moderately poorly aimed volley of uzi fire. Also, they are helpless on land and fairly slow in the water. How terrifying can something aquatic be if Lassie can outswim it?

Now if jellyfish could fly, the paranoid people at Yahoo! would have something. Just think of it, flying, tentacled, venomous jellyfish swooping around the seaside resorts and suddenly, without warning, moving inland towards Tokyo.

I sense a Godzilla tie-in for this baby.


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