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Friday, September 30, 2005

Must have landed on her head...

The title of my little post today concerns Madonna and her run in with the pony at her posh cottage in the British countryside. The singer is coming out with a new album and reports from reliable sources say that it includes, yes I'm afraid so, a Kabbalah song. Many of you (and by that I mean our multitude of regular readers) may remember a small piece I wrote about the Kabbalah hotel that Madonna was going to (or has) open(ed) up. Well now the fruitcake is taking it even farther by writing a song about the founder of the mystical faux-Jewish religion, if it can be called that.

Anyhow, this is another example of a person or organization (FONZie we're talkin' about you) that is stealing my ideas. It so happens that I wrote a Kabbalah song long before Madonna and must ask her to either cease publication of her song, or give me a cut of the "Like a Virgin" money, whichever is more lucrative.

By Stew Miller
Sung by Maddona (I couldn’t get the original so…)

(To the Love Boat theme)

Fluff, mys-ti-cal and screwed,
Enlight-ten-ment. We're just foolin’ you.
Odd, but we have star power.
Tinfoil hats, Crazy as moonbats.

soon will be fleecing another one.
promises nothing but empty fun.

Think I’m kidding? Just try it,
You’ll lose much more than your mind.

And riding won't hurt anymore
at your cottage, paid for with soft-CORE.

It's Fluuuuffffff!
Welcome aboard - It's Fluuuufffff!


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