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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

One more thought about heaven...

Stew, I was very disappointed that, in your otherwise fantastic interviews about heaven, you didn't ask Donald Trump his opinion.

I realize he would say something like, "I'm looking into having it plowed over into a golf course and casino with lots of waterfalls." but that sort of materialism would have contrasted nicely with the abstract neo-idealism favored by Kid Rock.

I'm sorry, I made a typo above. The words "abstract neo-idealism" should have been spelled "barmy nonsense."

Also, I would have liked to watch The Donald put Tom Cruise into a major headlock before Katie Holmes rushed out of the wings to leap on to his back and ride him around the studio like a dromedary.

None of this is very heavenly, but it would have passed for a beautiful Monday.


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