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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

"Comrade Wang, suddenly my Cameron Diaz searches are fruitless!"

Google has decided to assist the Chinese government by censoring searches on their new Chinese-based version of the world famous search-engine. The reason? Google says that it's to "make meaningful and positive contributions to the already impressive pace of development in China."

Allow me to translate that from the native Weasel: "make meaningful and positive amounts of money from the already impressive pace of development in China."

I'm sorry, I think I left out the words "cash" and "jackpot" from the translation.

In a related story, a linguist reveals that the word "Google" is ancient Chinese for "Hypocritical Toady Who Submits for Boatloads of Cash and The Odd Private Tour of The Forbidden City." Well, say what you want about them, but they certainly know how to name a site!

I suppose I should be careful, since Google owns Blogger the way Oprah owns Steadman or Tom owns Katie. Who knows, perhaps they're scanning for critical comments right now in an attempt to weed out all references to their gutless caving in to the People's Rep-- [ [ }}}}

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