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Monday, February 20, 2006

Everything for the man of the land.

It's always exciting when a new niche store comes to town. Oh sure, we all love our Wal-marts and Targets, but you get that extra charge of excitement when a store with a distinct motif opens its doors. What store am I talking about? Why, none other than Cabela's, that sportsman's mecca we all know and love. OK, so some of the sheen is off, I personally don't hunt or fish but I have friends and acquaintences that do so the acres and acres of rod, reels, and camo gear will come in handy for them. Not that I wouldn't probably get some use out of the place, I'm sure they would have some snow gear or something I could use.

I decided to take a look at their online site to see what it might have to offer. Let's just say I probably won't be spending too much time there.

I'm not sure if this one is for the beekeeping huntsman, or the hunter who is worried about the potential of killer bees intruding on his foray into the wilderness. I just know that if it looks like something Michael Jackson would make his kids wear, it ain't for me.

Too Brokeback.

From the "So You're Going Hunting with Dick Cheney Collection" for kids. Comes with First Aid kit and portable defibrillator.

Remember sportsmen, know your wild game and how to identify them. This educational chart informs the huntsman of how various game animals appear in the wild. Watch out, that badger looks like he means business.

Another member of the Lil' Cheney Hunters club. Let's hope someone shows him how to properly hold that decoy when Dick is in his hunting party.

Ever been watching Brokeback Mountain and your buddies can't find you? Problem solved with our new "Woohoo, Over Here Boys" hat cover.

Men, this Yeti-skinned jacket is just the thing to tell her: "I love you so much, I bought Sasquatch for you."

"What kept me warm in my spider-hole on those cold, lonely nights. My Cabela's bomber cap and a small fire I made from my own feces. Thank you Cabela's."

Little Tommy looks sporting in his camo jacket and bib overalls. If only he hadn't been impaled by that stag he might be around to enjoy them another season.


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