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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Please Remember Mark!

I cannot believe my ear wax coated ear canals. They had another one of those touching montages about all the people in Hollywood who have died, and not one mention of Mark Northover. The Hollywood Elite continue to pretend like the guy never existed. Disgusting and sad. You would think that George Lucas would petition somebody to make it happen. After all, Mark Northover played Burglekutt in Lucas's magnum opus "Willow." Well, I'm not gonna forget him. HOLLYWEIRD, you can't make me forget Mark Northover!

Oh well. Time for dance numbers. Lane "The Vein" Hardwick is beat-boxing under his breath at the interpretive Up dance with that robot guy. Jack Nicholson is cursing at Ally Sheedy again. He does not like Ally Sheedy for some reason.

Sorry for all the name dropping. I can't help it. I am here, people, "in the midst" as they say, and it is Five Times Better than watching it on a flat screen in grandpa's den.

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