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Sunday, March 14, 2010

You ever been in a Turkish prison?

Peter Graves has passed away.

Mission Impossible and sci-fi will never feel the same again. Ironically, my Netflix video that just came in is MST3K: Parts, the Clonus Horror, starring... Peter Graves. I'm not sure how fitting a tribute that will be but if Mike appears as Peter in this episode (I know, I can't remember... I'm still a little in shock) that would certainly go a long way.

Also, I had no idea he was James "Marshall Dillon" Arness's brother. I should have known they were related. Big TV show hits. Parts in sci-fi films (Arness was the "super-carrot" in the Christian Nyby-directed, Howard Hawks-produced, and just for the record John Carpenter-mangled as a remake, The Thing). Tall, with distinctive, stacatto baritone voices.  If not for the premature silver hair, it would've been an easy spot.

Rest in Peace. No zombie encores please.*

h/t K. Lopez

*scroll down for the zombie references.

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