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Monday, March 28, 2005

David Duchovny's Blog?

For those of you who use Blogger and are wondering what it takes to get noticed in the "Blogs We've Noticed" section of the dashboard (those of you who don't use Blogger can just go on as though this post were in Germanic-Latin) - Apparently if one is a former star of TV's "The X-Files", married to Tea Leoni, and directing a feature film, the suck-ups at Blogger.com will tumble for you and put you right at the top of the list.

Nothing against David Duchovny (and the blog, or the bits of it I saw, were okay - his e. e. cummings approach notwithstanding) but what about the little guys? What about the struggling, peon, comedy-blogging, desparados, who've not co-starred with Gillian Anderson in a cult-Television-hit about government cover-ups and the freaky nerds who help the FBI out in their investigations, despite the interference of a secret-cabal of military-industrialist shadow-government types, who are absolutely not funny in the most remote sense of the word (meaning "funny, Ha, ha") but are morosely serious and as deadly dull as a sledgehammer? (Deep breath)

Maybe the guys at Blogger are thinking this might swing them a meeting with Tea Leoni? It won't happen you dreamers! Come back down to earth and start taking notice of those of us struggling in the comedy-ghettos of the Internet! She's spoken for! She's got David Duchovny for heaven's sakes! He's the X-Files guy! He's directing! She's in the movie! Get on with your lives!

Seriously, I fear that more celebrities will enter blogging and knock us up-and-comers out of contention altogether. What happens if Cher or Striesand, or heaven forbid, Cameron Diaz, gets a blog? The "Blogs We've Noticed" board will look like a special all-blogging edition of People Magazine.


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