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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Daytime Emmy Awards withholding tapes from press

Apparently the Soap Opera media can't get ahold of key tapes of the Daytime Emmy Awards nominees.

Can we talk the networks into withholding the entire programming from us the general viewing public?

Seriously though, can one really tell from a tape of one actress playing a selfish, homicidal, nymphomaniac lesbian barfly with a secret lover in the government that it is that much better a performance than another actress' portrayal of a narcissitic, malevolent, she-devil of a dominatrix, with a penchant for armed robbery and men named Troy with cleft chins and the IQ of a seal?

I suddenly realized that I have metaphorically just described every British political sex scandal of the last 150 years, if you replace "Troy" with "Wallis Simpson".

Maybe there's something to these shows after all?


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