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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Haiku? Gesundheit!

Today I updated my Blogger profile and made it public. One of the interests I listed (along with "hyperventilating") was experimental haiku. Please allow me to share some of this deeply personal and potentially embarrasing work with you.

Why We Write

I like to write a
haiku now and then to pass
the time. Like right now.


David Hasselhoff
and Dan Marino. Could they
be one and the same?

Embarrassing Euphemisms I've Heard

Winkle, Fudge bottom,
Garden hose, Worn-out slinky,
Zing, Radio knobs

Should Have Been a Limerick

There once was a gal
From Nantucket who stuck her
foot in ...oh blimey.

Silent but Deadly

Every nose in the
Room noticed it, though none heard.
That was not from me.

Editors at The Atlantic, Poetry Magazine, The New Yorker, and Grit can reach me at my usual e-mail address.


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