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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Diddy or Diddy Not?

More possible name changes for P. Diddy/Diddy/etc. Why? Because we can! Also, the poor bloke is going to need them at the current rate of exchange. Also, it's fun!

Pee - This is clearly scatalogical, but he is a rap artist after all.
Diddyopolis - Not every rap artist has a town named after them (Exceptions: Eminemville, Tennessee; Notorious Big, Montana; Ice T, Kansas, and Jacksonville, Florida)
Diddyodeopolodingodeputydawgdingdanaling - OK, I'm reaching here.
Deepak Chopra Jr. - Speaks for itself.
This Little Diddy - It's a name and a nursery rhyme!
Puff, the Magic Diddy - 60's stuff is so in.
Diddy-Squat - Scatalogical AND a pun.


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