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Friday, August 19, 2005

He's doin' it for the chizzle, my bizzles.

Snoop Dogg has taken up community service as his banner, that or he was given some community service I’m not really sure which it is. Anyway, the West Coast rapper is now sponsoring a youth football league complete with a “Snooperbowl” at the end of the year. While this is certainly a worthwhile effort it will mean a change in the terminology and lexicon of the game as you can imagine. DOUI once again springs to the aid of Snoop-ball and are developing a glossary of terms for the new sport.

Flizzle on the plyatch – Flag on the play, usually a bandana conforming to no known gangs colors.

Rizzlee my bizzlee – Referee, although in the Snoop league they don’t wear prison strips but the latest in denim accoutrements.

No hizzle sprizzle offizzle - No huddle spread offense.

Zzone blizzle – Zone blitz

Illizzle J-Lo – Illegal motion in the backfield.

Call out to my nizzles – Audible

Punk’d da fizzle – Sack

That should give them a good start on getting the hip hop version of football going. I only hope they stay true to the sport, there’s no room in football for violence.


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