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Saturday, August 20, 2005

OK, Things have got strange around here...

...when of the last seven posts on this blog, all but one of them is about rappers. The one other?

"Bike for Health"

by Jorge Carlito Viejo.

Since when is JCV the most sensible one around here?

Just for the record, I haven't been on a bike since Scunthorpe United were in the first division. Actually, I'm not sure the Buttered Scuns have ever been in the first division. I mean the real first division and not the second division that was called the first division and is now called the Championship, even though the Premier League is higher.

I have actually been on a bike though, unlike Scunthorpe United. I mean, they've probably been on bikes as well, and probably even do a little bike training now and again, but I was referring to their never having been in the first division, which is really the Premiership as the first division, now called the championship, is really the second division. The second division, which is really the third division, is now called League One, just to help clear up matters.

I use to ride a bike regularly when I was young and didn't have this visceral fear of the chain snapping free and wrapping itself around my personal bits whilst whipping by at 60 miles per hour. Am I making sense at all, now? That's the kind of week it's been.

Anyway, I just hope Arsenal demolishes Chelsea tomorrow, that's all.


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