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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Anniversary Challenge Is Ov-ah!!!

The winner? Iron Chef Japanese Masaharu Morimoto!!!

No, sorry! Wrong broadcast.

Actually, I'm writing to announce the winners of our DOUI First Anniversary Challenge. (Cue sparklers and fire extinguisher smoke)

I say winners because, so moved were we by the efforts of the two fans whose e-mails we chose, we couldn't decide between them! Regular readers will have already guessed that what we were most moved by was the fact that they wrote at all, as they were the only two submissions.

Nonetheless, they were both effusive and generous in their praise, and we want to reward them for their kind comments.


"I have to say that "Ruining the Tourist Trade for Everyone" is my most recent favorite, although anything that makes fun of Tom Cruise is always good. Thanks, guys. I love reading y'all's blog. I've been reading it for about 6 months and it always cracks me up. My friends all have blogs, and I read theirs, but it's nice to read something intelligent and witty every once in a while. Keep up the good work!

Calyn Reber"

"Happy Anniversary to DOUI! You guys are still rockin' it! Keep up the great work!

Your fan,
Elizabeth K."


As careful and attentive readers will note, our wonderful fans' e-mail has answered the other part of the Anniversary Challenge!! (cue general popping of balloons and cat noises)

With a grand total of 100% of the votes, the winner of the DOUI Post of the Year is:

(At this point you have to imagine a forty-year-old man making a drumroll sound using his stomach... Yes, I know - revolting... and painful.)

'Ruining the Tourist Trade for Everyone'

As the author of that particular post, I'm especially pleased to hear this news as it means I've won the wager between myself and Stew, and now Stew has to caddy for me for the next year on the golf course, buy all the drinks, and wear the Arsenal beanie 24 hours a day! Go Gooners!! It was well worth getting banned from France, Russia, Canada, Japan, West Virginia, and Trinidad and Tobago. (Funny that. I don't remember T&T being on the original list. I'll bet they did it in support of West Virginia!)

BTW, Stew doesn't actually know about the bet...yet!

Anyway, our deepest and humblest thanks to Calyn and Elizabeth for their valued support!!

On with the new year!!


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