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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ice worms!

If you thought chicken with teeth were bad, how about this: Ice worms. Apparently we have to worry about more than just bad sausages these days.

This means that I have to always choose crushed ice from the fridge from now on. This does bring up the question of how does ice get worms anyway...from other ice? Perhaps, that is better left unanswered.

UPDATE: To my great relief, the article turns out to be about ice worms in the arctic. I must remember to not skim so much in future. A great case for global warming if you ask me...more global warming, that is.

Best moment in the article: When one of the students researching the ice worms declares, "They're kind of hot right now." Poor bloke. Get out of the arctic. Blimey, get out of the dorm and meet some people. Where I live, "hot" has a totally different definition.

There is another humourous moment in the article where one of the researchers finds an actual tiny ice worm. Upon exposure to the frigid air, the worm breaks in half. "Oh well," the scientist said. "It's still pretty exciting." That's the spirit.

It could be worse, though. They could have teeth.


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