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Sunday, March 05, 2006

I certainly hope these two aren't appearing at Epcot any time soon.

Well, it takes a lot to roust me from my pre-Oscar blog regimen, but this would certainly do it. Apparently there's a brand new musical trend sweeping certain parts of the United States: Bubble-gum Nazi rock.

By certain parts, I mean certain relatively isolated, frequented by skinheads, white-supremacists, survivalists and militia parts, as opposed to the other 99.9999999999% of the country.

Still, I suppose getting enough attention to be written up in GQ and appear on ABC Primetime is a step up from sidebar notices in Teen Gestapo.

The two little twin girls in the article that form the group "Prussian Blue" look like your average sweet teeny-bopper rockers except for the fact that they sing about race wars, and the joys of an all-white society. That and the "Happy-face Hitler" t-shirts. Oh, and the fact that "Prussian Blue" is supposed to be some sort of residue that the gas used in the concentration camps - Zyklon-B - should leave but supposedly didn't.

Erm...What was the old saying about judging a book by its cover? The cover here is American Girl but once you open the book it's almost all Mein Kampf and The Turner Diaries. Of course it's plain enough from the article that the two girls are just brain-washed kids living in the shadow of a deranged, bigoted, hateful, disassociating parent. However, they got the special kind known as the deranged, bigoted, hateful, disassociating stage mother.

Yes, what better way to sow hatred, racial violence, holocaust-denial, and sedition than with the soothing, slightly tuneless recordings of two young barely teen-aged Hillary Duff wanna-bes. I'm sure somewhere in Hell, old uncle Adolf is thinking to himself, "Ach, if only I had gotten ze Hitler Youth to put togezher a skiffle combo!"

What's interesting to me is the comments spliced throughout the article. Some particularly disturbing if darkly-amusing examples:

I don’t think a white-pride band has ever gotten this kind of media attention before. I mean, these two girls have become some of the most powerful people in white nationalism.” - The girls' mother April. Hmmm, and I thought a Grammy or a golden record was the aim of most aspiring musicians.

Lynx tends to be more of the girlie-girlie glamour girl... and Lamb is more the sporty rock ’n’ roller.” - The girls' mother again. I wonder which one is the goose-stepping, genocidal, gestapo girly-girl, and which one is the more the mass-murdering, Mengele, mass-rally, modster? I think Teen Beat would want to know.

"The album includes a cover of “Panzerlied,” an old Wehrmacht battle hymn (featuring a rhythm track of marching jackboots), and “The Lamb Near the Lane,” a folksy collaboration between Lamb and convicted Order thug David Lane, who, sentenced to 190 years on charges of racketeering and civil rights violations back in ’85, wrote the lyrics through letters exchanged between the two." - a description of the twins work from the GQ article, although it reads in part like liner notes from the album. It's not exactly the kind of thing you'd find on, say even a Sex Pistols album.

People want to depict everything that happened in World War II Germany as marching around killing Jews...They don’t want to understand how the whole ideology of National Socialism is really a beautiful thing. I mean, it really is.” -April again. Yes, I'm sure that was the feeling even as bombs were raining down on London during the Blitz, you nutbag. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but what if the beholder is a looney?

Prussian Blue is more or less a novelty thing,” he says. “They’re cute and everything, and they have some talent, but that’s not the music to win over white males.” -Erich Gliebe, president of Resistance Records and head of the white-supremacist group The National Alliance, on a dispute over the rights to Prussian Blue's music. Well, fame is fleeting after all.

When you’re in fringe politics, you tend to attract a lot of, I don’t know, misfits, people with problems, and they latch onto the movement as a source of strength.” -Gliebe again. It should be pointed out to him that some of those misfits actually form such movements.

A lot of people get into racism for the wrong reasons." -Erika Snyder, stripper wife of Erich Gliebe. Well, of course they do Erika. Hitler for instance. He had father issues, I think.

To be a white nationalist... you have to be a very independent-thinking type of person. You don’t do it because ‘Hey, this will be great! I’ll have my job at risk, and people will threaten to kill me! Gee, what fun!’ ” -April again, explaining the kind of independent thinking that would make most philosophers slit their wrists.

Hey, man, whatever works for them... I just play.” -Lanny Ray, Lamb's guitar teacher, session guitarist on the album, longtime session guitarist who has worked with T-Bone Walker and James Brown, among others, and living proof that the negative effects of hard-rocking sex, drugs, and alcohol are life-long.

So there you have it. Two little girls singing about the coming (they hope) race war. They'll have another album out soon I expect. No word on whether they'll do a cover of "Springtime for Hitler." If they do though, I'm sure it'll be catchy and have a great beat.


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