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Monday, May 08, 2006

CENTCOM Responds!

Well, of all the posts we've done here, chalk it up to the United States Military to respond faster than anyone else to any post we've ever done. Less than 24 hours after my post about that vicious git Zarqawi, which included exactly one reference to CENTCOM, I received a very nice message from a Specialist Flowers there (That's the military rank Specialist, if I'm not mistaken) thanking us for the post and the reference, proving that the U.S. Military is not only thorough, but very polite when appropriate. They can skip the niceties with Zarqawi though. All I ask is that they give him a handshake with the business end of an M-16.

Their website, if you're interested in a visit, is http://www.centcom.mil. Below is the nifty logo they sent me.

Either they have some major spider software running, or they subscribe to Google News Updates, like I do. Good thing the Chinese Communists haven't figured out how to block that yet.

Of course, if they spotted us with only a single mention, their service will be absolutely buzzing after this post. Cheers to Spc. Flowers and all the hard-working gents and ladies at CENTCOM. Keep up the good work.


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